Shall I go for Honda power?

With my recent HGF I’m getting more inclined than ever to put a different motor in my car. My thinking is that the Honda is the obvious one to go for because it is simple (no turbo’s pumping out heat to worry about), reliable and the most developed of all the kits. I would love to have something kicking out 300bhp but I don’t think I could do this reliably and I’m sure it would cost silly money.

I know this has been talked about a lot but what is the general consensus about engine different engines. Also does anyone know what my VHPD would be worth as what I could get for it will likely be the deciding factor in buyiong a Honda. For those who don’t know my engine is standard with 15k on the clock, just had HGF but will fix that and also put a new cam belt on before selling. Always been looked after with oils changes every 3.5K since I have had it.

I’m not so sure the Audi or even Duratec are going to be more than the Honda. That said, I agree that the Honda is the most advanced conversion.

The Duratec should be more tunable but you keep the Rover box. The Audi, as you point out, has a turbo but perhaps the highest potential (think you’d certainly need bigger stoppers with that though!).

Although I think you could do worse than a tuned 2nd hand K-series.


I would go for the Honda, but I am biased! If you fancy a demo, you can take mine out with pleasure, anytime. I have driven it today for the first time in a while, and it is bloody brilliant!

Good to hear you are drivin again, young Sir…

Does that bode well for Mallory Park, then?

Randy,I too would love a Honda conversion for my Exige,but I’m a little concerned over it’s residual value,aswell as the initial outlay!!!.On the basis that the standard car is a fairly niche market,I would have to assume that I’d see virtually zero return on a Honda (or any other) transplant.I think the whole thing is down to how much you love your car/how long you intend to keep it.As much as I love my Exige,spending �10,000 on top of the c.�25,000 it owes me,I’m not sure that I see it as a �35,000 car.
Note:I fully accept that this view is from someone who ultimately can’t afford the conversion I’m obviously not earning enough money…

Thats the reason to keep the original engine and other bits…
Trying to sell a modified car wont get you anymore money than the an unmodified car so the way to get money back is to transform the car back to original state when the time to sell comes around.People prefer to buy standard and spend money on mods as opposed to buy a modded car…human psyche I guess…
The honda engine has value on the tuning market so can be sold off and that leaves you only with the kit parts (which you might lose money on or sell to somebody looking for a DIY project) And if alot of VHPD engines show up they will most likely drop in value which makes it even less interesting to sell them.
Nobody has actually sold a converted exige as of yet so we have yet to see what actually will happen. Also consider the hit if you buy a new s2 exige… I’d prefer to have the S1 looks and honda reliability as opposed to the S2 exige…

Food for thought…and owning cars will ALWAYS cost money, but what the hell…you only live once

I’d prefer to have the S1 looks and honda reliability as opposed to the S2 exige…

Food for thought…and owning cars will ALWAYS cost money, but what the hell…you only live once

Spot on, mate.

Unlikely Mike, unfortunately I do not think the shoulder would take a lot of “stick”, and the doc thinks the same.

Carsten a number of TT converted Exiges have been sold and the prices realised were v similar to unmodded (if there is such an animal ) Exiges.

Yea, exactly… you WILL lose money on mods UNLESS you unbolt all of them and sell them separetly. Hence I am keeping my shocks and engine/bits as when/if the time comes I can sell the car as standard and recoup at least some of the cost as opposed to losing it all selling a modded car.
I think the TT stuff cant be compared to the Honda as when/if the car is returned to normal you at least have a low milage engine you can stick back in.
Does any of this make sense or am just talking myself into it??

Carsten, as far I can tell, it’s how they should have made the car in the first place!

The std shocks are cheap and the engine - well - how many HGFs have we had this week!?!!

Let’s face it, Lotus know this, look what they’ve done to the S2; Jap engine and trick suspension. If ONLY it LOOKED the part!

Just do it!


Actually I already have… getting the deposit details sorted now and 6-8 weeks from now…NNNEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWwwww

Agree with that Carsten - way to go is keep orig bits, when selling car bolt 'em back on and sell performance goodies on…

I’ve been trying to justify the Honda engine in many different ways and for 10K it probably doesn’t represent value. But, and this is a big BUT, there are no cars out there that I would rather have then my Exige even if I factor in the extra cash I would be spending on an engine conversion.

What I do know is that I am completely fed up with the K-series, I have never liked the amount of power or the way it is delivered and with the various reliability issues I have had recently I have hardly had the chance to use my car. The sensible thing would be to follow Turbo Tomato�s route and buy a second hand VX Turbo or something but they don�t do it for me like the Exige does, nor do the 111R or S2 Exige for that matter.

I agree that the clever thing to do would be to keep the K and slot it back in when I sell the car but there is no way I could afford the conversion if I didn’t sell the engine. I’m sure it will make a good engine for someone who wants a high performance K anyway, it’s always been looked after and only spent about 40mins on track.

A Honda engine really would make the car into something very special� I think I�m going to give Maidstone a call right now and arrange a test drive . RussT � I might have to take you up on your offer too .

RussT � I might have to take you up on your offer too .


I saw Russ last night, & his offer is not that straightforward, sorry He will be insisting that he borrows your “Avatar” for at least an hour’s session at Donington or Oulton

Just realised yesterday (after reading one of your posts) that my nephew works for your old man - he survived the 2002 cull.

The first stages of Randy’s new Nissan engine conversion.

Um, Randy, you sure that’ll fit??!


ps. Top beard!


I know I bang on about it a lot, (there’s nothing worse than a born again powermaniac…)

You might want to sample the audi turbo conversion as well…

It would be good to have an opinion from someone like yourself, who had driven both options !!

The more info I can get on the different conversions the better and I would love to see an Audi car. My immediate thoughts are that turbocharged engines add a huge level of complexity to the mix, I know this from experience. 250+bhp sounds very tempting though.

Come to Mallory Park for the race on 2 May…

I’m sure you will be welcome to have a look, and there is nothing like racing to test a car, (and as a proper race driver you will understand what I mean)…

Bernard has been running his original conversion for months as his day to day car without problems…

You would be welcome to drive mine when done, if I could try for 137 mph through the Craner Curves in your Nissan…

(Yes, I remember THIS and THE OTHER )