Sexiest sound on Regent St

I was at the F1 thing on Regent St this evening.

Whilst it’s unrealistic for our cars to ever sound like an F1 car (which I’m not sure is that sexy anyway TBH), I sure would mind it sounding like that Mercedes SLR McClaren pace car. What a gorgeous noise! It kept zapping back and forth like a loon.



Anybody know if this is/was on telly anywhere?..

shame London was so far away…

It’s been on the ITV news and I expect there’ll be coverage during the GP progs at the weekend. You needed to get there v.early to see much at all.


I was there too. Shame the top of Regent Street was too narrow for them to really give the cars some stick. Having said that, Da Matta did a pretty good job of making some noise as he went past me, and Martin Brundle did a fantastic, smoky, wheel spinning start right in front of me

There was an SLR there, but the one that was running up and down regualarly was an AMG SL, or new SLK I couldn’t work out which it was with that AMG body kit. Sounded very like the SLR, though.

I thought the light coloured pace car was the SLR and the darker one was a C-class AMG of some type. Any which way the lighter one sounded like the nuts!

JPM was really giving it some at the bottom of Pall Mall, I thought his donuts were going to burst the tyres!

And was it me, or was the Minardi determined to be the fastest car somewhere this year!


The SLR only ran once, when the driver’s did their parade run. Don’t know who was driving it, I’d guess it may have been Coulthard?

The one you (and I) liked the sound of was definately an AMG SLK, which looks and sounds a lot like a shorter SLR.

Wish I’d been further down near the start of the runs where the road was wider. Missed out on all the donuts. Mmmm donuts…

ANyone interested in a few short (very short) snippits ??

See here F1 in London as provided by one of the Scottish Elisers…

Thanks Roxx

I was directly opposite the camera guy in that Jag burnout video. Can’t quite see myself in the picture, but it’s great to see that reminder of how cool it was to be there.

Here’s a story about that AMG SLK