this is a question likely focused towards the Australians, but I am on Track in the USA under an AO48 tire restriction and an Exige with full stock body work, but 550Front/600rear springs and 3-way dampers. I have decided to run full Motorsport Elise ride height, toe and camber, which translates to 100mm/110mm ride height. I have completed the setup and everything seems fine; however, the clearance at the rear fenders looks very tight (ala GT3 with 1000lbs springs)! Do any of you know for a fact that I am on track for disaster, featuring cracked body work and the like? I will have the chance to correct the ride height in the pits, so help me manage my expectations.Many thanks for the fair warning,Bobthe track I will be running is tight an torque-taxing:

It should not be a problem - I am running 625lb springs at the rear and lower ride height, without problems.Cheers

Hi Beto,generally we use the motorsport setup as our base and make only small mods to bump/rebound, roll bar and camber/toe from there. My ride height is really low at the rear as well, the guards sit over the tyres and on the edge of the rim. You are safe to roll the car a lot without hitting the body on the wheel. check out for a shot of the car rolled over onto the right rear (though this is on softer springs, with higher ride height and Dunlop Formula R’s)I haven’t yet managed to scrape the rear bodywork on the tyres yet…

Thanks guys - absolutely no problems over the weekend. Slight rubbing on full lock in the paddock and that’s all.