Just wondered what everyone does when their Exige requires servicing:- Take it to Main Lotus Dealer- Take it to Lotus Specialist- Take it to a trusted garage- DIY- Don’t bother [image][/image]CheersSimonE

DIY … complete suspension overhaul, oil changes etc.However now need to change cam belt … and my back is bad enough already so I’m gonna have to pay or take the clam off !!Andrew

Cheers Andy - have decided DIY route myself! - does clam have to be removed to change cambelt? CheersSimon

It depends on how old you are [image][/image]Cam belt can be changed by removing the wheel arch liner.p.s. my garage is available [image][/image][This message has been edited by Phil (edited 18 June 2003).]

Cheers for the offer Phil - got reasonable garage here and the missus is ace with the block and tackle! Will post if get into difficulties or need advice

Hey Phil

We will have to talk about your garage !! - I can bring my bumpsteer guage



No problem, its 16 meters long by 5 meters wide, full of junk and leaks when it rains

Have just taken my car into Fibre Glass Services for oil filters change and a all over check…All for only �100! Couldnt believe it.

Nice guys…whole garage is steeped in Lotus history…elan’s elite’s esprits…stacked up everywhere!

If your South Coast based I recommend them!

Whilst on the topic…

Can someone tell me if its right that the Exige needs servicing every 6000 miles?

Yes Matt, 6k, ignore the service book - it is wrong!

Dominic and that Miles Wilkins is a proper hoot - could listen to him for hours - if only south coast weren’t so far away!