Expect to take delivery of S2 in April. Buying from JCT 600 Leeds, sales have been good but heard horror stories about service. Anyone had good/bad experience? How do Gordon Lamd & Ribble compare?

Sales are always good…until they have your money! I have plenty of bad experience of JCT from 2000-2003, but don’t know if they have improved in recent years.

Oneof my basic beefs was with the turnover of staff and there obvious lack of interest in Lotus cars. Was once told by the service manager that they didn’t know much about my car - an Exige - because they didn’t see many of them! On another occasion it was implied that as a Ferrari, Maserati and Porker dealer Lotus owners made most fuss for the least profit.

I wouldn’t use them unless you absolutely need to, ie, warranty work - although you could take it elsewhere even for that.

I used lambs about 4 years ago, not used them since that may
tell you what i thought of them, but that was 4 years ago

Thanks. Anywhere you would reccommend?

I’ve found LRV servicing to be very thorough, good even . But not cheap


I’ve found LRV servicing to be very thorough, good even . But not cheap


I bought my S1 Exige from LRV in 2001, & had no complaints about the quality of my car’s servicing. For a main dealer, their labour rates are very reasonable.

Since going “Honda” have not had a reason to use LRV’s services, but I am always made very welcome whenever (approx 5 times per year), I pop in to say hello, & chat about all things car related. I continue to be invited to their bi-annual trackdays at Anglesey, & am delighted to attend & meet friends old & new

I’ve never used another dealer for servicing ('cept for Kinsey Jones - B@$tards), so can’t really compare rates.

I’m always made welcome at LRV & they look after the car well. (Just don’t ask for a P/X). Not that you would Mr Pesky


Thanks guys. Will give Ribble a go.