Any of you guys able to recommend a dealer or specialist to carry out annual service. I live near Carlisle so expect to have to travel 100 or so miles. My closest dealer is F1 in Newcastle. Anyone know what they are like or would it be worth considering a specialist like PNM Engineering near Liverpool instaed of main dealer. Would using a non authorised dealer effect resale in future.
Any advice and comments would be welcome

Go to the SELOC site and either post or leave a private message for Moggy - he’s in that part of the world and should be able to give you some pointers

Would using a non authorised dealer effect resale in future.

Less likely if they’re a known Lotus specialist or perhaps a motorsport outfit (eg. Blink/BaT).


Steve, if you decide you want to go down the dealer route, then LRV are probably as good as any and better than most…
though they do seem to get through an alarming number of service managers.
Not much more than an hour from Carlisle.

Do it yourself - then you know its been done right took mine to an independent ‘trusted’ dealer - he put 16 miles on the lil’ monster whilst in his care - they really are an easy car to maintain. SH not important to me - keepin’ it forever

I was concerned that without the dealer stamp if i sold it someday future owners may be put off. As for doing it myself Steve, I dont think I am mechanically minded enough to risk it even if there was a Beano version of the service manual available.
Do Blink do servicing?

Jonny certainly talked about it for the Honda conversions.