Servicing / Taxes

Hello All,My Exige is up for its 2nd yearly service (its covered 8k) and have been quoted 370 inc VAT by HR Owen (London NW10), as this is the first service I’ve been for (I’ve only recently brought the car) do you think this is reasonable and has anyone had their car serviced here - I’ve checked on various other posts and note Pit Lane Garage (RIP) had services for 199?Also (off topic), as it seems the vast majority of Exige owners are of “Increasing” years [image][/image], have the government always been so hard on Motorists (in terms of taxes / lack of funding for roads / congestion) - I’ve owned cars for the past 2 years (I’m 27) and it seems that recently us motorists have had our “pants pulled down” by the government? [image][/image]

Duggan - dudethe only person who takes my pants down and spanks me is my bird!Average age may be old, mental age 12!

Ahh, but does she charge 17.5% and only do half of the job [image][/image]

i advise you not to use hr owen for your service , i have a history of horror stories with their service department including the last time i went to pick my car up theyd broken the windscreen and then refused to pay for it … go anywhere else , really …