servicing and milage question

Hi I have been looking to purchase an elise for some time. I have test drove a few 1999 Elise MK1s lately with 8000-13000 miles since new (1 owner), only to find out the owners have only serviced them once at the 9000 mile mark and not every year as required, hence the car might not have been serviced for 2 years.The owners all say that because they don’t use the vehicle that often, there is no point servicing it until they reach 9000 miles, althought they may have changed the oil themselves. Should I be concerned and is this normal Elise owner behaviour or should I wait for one which has been serviced yearly? Thanks in advance, David Brown

Due to the corrosive nature of engine oil that has been used for short journeys i would keep looking for an example that has been serviced at the recommended intervals.