I have a 190 upgrade on my car and I am based in Manchester so who would anybody recomend to do my servicing etc in this area ???

Great to see another Northener added to the ranks [image][/image]Try LRV ( Lotus Ribble Valley ) half an hour up the M66 01254 876777

Hi mate… im in Manchester too… what colour u got?? im a silver one X1GBR…Can confirm LRV are brilliant!! Was there yesterday, and they always do evertyhing they can to help… and are pretty good at servicing costs too!Wonder if i get a discount now!!!John

quote:Originally posted by JohnO:Wonder if i get a discount now!!!John[/B]NO! Cus I got there first… [image][/image]

It is ORANGE with 190 uprades 4k miles etcwhere in Manchester are you ?Is Mike still working at LRV ?[This message has been edited by SPEEDY (edited 15 August 2002).]

Yup… Mike still there at LRV!SLap bang in the city centre

quote:Originally posted by JohnO:Yup… Mike still there at LRV!SLap bang in the city centreTrust you to know about slappers [image][/image]