My car is due its second service and I have been lookng in the service book but I can’t for the life of me work out what service it needs.
So far its had its PDI service and then it had one at twelve months old with 4.5k miles on it, its now two and done about 9k ish.
So what level of service will it need?


Mine goes to my tame mechanic, I supply the oil and filter if it wasn’t changed recently (I do it every 3 trackdays regardless). I’m not sure there is a lot left to do in reality, he charges me �50

Andy - it needs a second annual service…no $hit :smiley:

If you’re thinking a A, B, or C service, they went out with the ark (aka the K Series) :confused:

It should be much the same as a 18,000 mile service if you covered those miles in less than 2 years.