Service manual

Have any of you guys got a service manual on line for download ? I have a bit of loom close to the gear box I need to check out but have no official reference…

Thanks in advance


Try this:

Cheers !


I’ve just ordered one of these as well. Could have saved myself �12. Oh well!!

That’s the infamous copy where pages 5 & 6 in section CG are missing. That’s so when the boogie man comes to your hard drive, they know that you illegally downloaded it and probably from whom :wink:

Mr. Paranoid.
P.S. Willing to trade scanned pgs of CG-5/6 for missing Sheet 10 in the Exige section (should be between page 35 & 36)

I know of a full copy of the manual…

Email me for more details

cough splutter