I’ve seen it mentioned on this site as 7500 for the service interval for the Exige…It is in fact 6000… has anyone been told any different?CheersTim

that’s what I was getting at with my post…only others seemed to have missed it completely!!!As I understand it from the service notes the service interval has been reduced from the standard 9,000 to 6,000 only because of the anticipated harder use a race/track car would be expected to get. It therefore follows that if it is not getting the beasting anticipated then the standard elise service intervals would suffice.i.e. it is not a technical requirement of the vehicle but more akin to the increased service intervals necessary when operating in extreme/hostile environments - deserts/jungle etc.

I have now got my hands on some official Lotus paperwork.It is indeed 6000 miles for the Exige/340/160otherwise ‘Goodbye’ warranty!!!CheersTim

It was me that mentioned my 7500 service. The car had its first service at 1500, add 6000 to that figure and you get…

KenAccording to my dealer (LRV) the car is due a service at 6K miles on the odometer, not at 6K miles after the first service. I suggest that you double/double check as you won’t want to invalidate the warranty!Cheers for now.

Just goes to show. I asked my dealer (Haydons) after the initial service when to bring it back and was told ‘around the 7500 mark’.

It’s the same with the 340R:1500 miles6000 miles12000 milesetc.go figure!My guess is that they can’t trust Lotus service departments to be able to add and multiply at the same time so they keep it simple for them. :slight_smile:

TRUST MEIt is exactly what Pesky says…6k, 12k, 18k, 24k showing on the odometer.Triple checked it with Lotus again today!I’m not sure about the standard warranty but I know that the extended warranty will not pay if you are outside these figures.Tim

ken…I think you will get away with a margin on the mileage figure of about 10% so 6600 should be OK but 7500 would be pushing it…unless you could demonstrate that it was only being used gently in which case the 9000 limit would apply.I’ve never owned a car where the mileages were aggregated before…it would save a fortune if you could!

I accept (on reflection) that the service should have been performed at 6k. The point is that all subsequent service intervals are 6k except the one after the intial service ie 4.5k. Go figure.

So when are the A, B, C services? These must be different from the Elise too? Or are there just more A services?T

Here you go (These are for the 340/Exige and 160)1-1.5k After sales6k A12k B18k A24k B30k A36k C42k A48 B and so onCheersTim

Cheers. Certainly easier than remembering the Elise intervals. Just costs more… [image][/image](

Servicing ? What’s that ? [image][/image]My car’s only done 3-4000 miles but it’s had 4 oil changes already

What about >, ie. if you only do 3k a year.

Mark,3K a year? Drive and enjoy it man! Are u interested in the run this weekend starting from Leeds???T

Its every 12 months if you don’t do the mileage

quote:Originally posted by TT:Mark,3K a year? Drive and enjoy it man! Are u interested in the run this weekend starting from Leeds???Tgosh, I’ve done 2K within 4 bloody weeks…

Hi Tony,Please let me have details of the run, whats the weather going to be like, will it be less than 3000 miles ;o)May be able to make it but I am 'house hunting ’ for my daughter at the moment.Cheers , Mark.