Service Interval Discrepancy in Handbook

Don’t know if anyone else as spotted this, but the Handbook you get with the Exige disagrees with itself when it comes to the order of A,B and C services. This could make a big difference to servicing costs.Have just posted this to Nick Adams on the Lotus Life board - will be interested to see the reply:Hi NickCould you clear something up for me please.The Exige handbook shows the service schedule on pages 8 and 9 as A B A B A C A B A B A CBut when you look at the pages 17 onwards where the book actually gets stamped, it is different. Here it is A A B A A C A A B A A CWhich is correct?CheersMark

My Service Manual’s the same. But it appears the only difference in the Schedule is that the B includes a spark-plug change.Cheers, Tim