Service cost

Time for the 18000 mile service. I am sure this has been asked before but search brought back an awful lot of threads. Anyway what are people being charged. Got quoted �375 by MMC in Edinburgh.
Hoping to get new tyres too, anyone had new tyres from MMC in Edinburgh? If so do they damage your wheels like the Glasgow branch.

about that from B&C

You’d be better off taking it to a specialist. It dsoesn’t affect your warranty

Get yourself onto Scottis Elises and see who they recommend.



Plenty of people over on Scottish Elises wouldn’t take their car anywhere near MMC in Edinburgh, a) because they are very pricey, and b) because a lot of people have experienced poor service there. Heard plenty of good reports about JPS though, so I will be heading there next time. When you come to sell your car I think most Exige buyers these days would be informed enough to know that a stamp in the service book from a recognised independent specialist means the car likely to have been better looked after that if serviced by a main dealer.


Where is JPS?
Been trawling the sites but not found any recommendations and no Scottish independent lotus garages seem to be listed on internet. Or not that google can find.
trouble is I need to get the gear stick recall work done and also new tyres.

We can get warranty or recall work done at the local dealer while tha car’s here and I can safely say they are much better than MMC. We have a good working relationship between us.



The best advice would be to avoid MMC. You are really just paying extra for bad service usually.

JPS are certainly well recommended by many folk over on Scottish elises which should be a good clue that they must be very good. I can never get organised enough to organise the travelling so I take my exige and 111R to Falkland Performance Centre in Glenrothes who are an Independent with lots of Lotus experience. I am off there on Monday for an annual service in the exige.

Not delighted with the thought of using MMC especially as the Glasgow branch have managed to damage something on every visit. How much is a service at Falkland? can they fit AO48s? Will need to be MMC for gear stick. JPS sounds good but distnace is a factor. Is a shame MMC have the dealership, was not surprised when Glasgow lost it.

Will tell you tomorrow how much a service is at Falkland. They did my C-service on the exige and changed the cambelt last year plus other bits n bobs for about half MMC prices. Also sorted out my MOT inc fitting and un-fitting a cat for emissions test. They also do a friends exige and, like I mentioned before, have a fair share of elises go there. No worries giving them a full recommendation from me. I haven’t been to JPS but they are also well recommended by folk who are ‘in the know’.

How much is a service at Falkland?

Just back from Falkland. 148 quid all in. inc labor, oil, oil filter, brake fluid, top up gear oil, tighten handbrake cable, tighten alternater belt, and the obligatory screen wash. Friendly and informative service. Not sure how the price compares to other places and mine is an S1 exige so may vary for S2.

I get my A048s from Wheelsaround(, I would doubt falkland can get them. They are heading up to the SIDC trackday on the 10th of March so if you book that, finish them off properly and then get a new set fitted for the trip home! HTH cheers ed