Service and Parts feedback thread


If you would care to add any experiences with vendors of service and parts here we might be able to create a bit of a directory of quality suppliers - speedy service and offered excellent advice on part selection

Redirecting... - Rapid Mechanical Services. Andy was really helpful at getting rare parts - Yvo has always been helpful with parts selection - enormous selection of parts and fantastic random selection of American candies often throw in as a perk :wink: - looked after me very well over the years. Highly recommended.

Have been exceptional with great advise, friendly, professional and speedy delivery.

Junks (Phil Peek) what a guy 10 out of 10 and some :+1: - probably the best resource we have for identifying which parts you need for a bit of work. Whether you order from them or not is up to you, it’s just standard Lotus parts prices so nothing to shout home about, but in terms of figuring out what you need and whether it’s readily available it’s unbeatable! are a useful resource too, particularly for S1 parts. They hold quite a lot in stock and also have ‘Steve’s Alternative’ non-OEM options. Basically anything they have a photo of tends to be in stock, which from experience is better than waiting for ‘factory order’ from Lotus which could be anything from next day to next year :smiley:

What a day yesterday was, well where do I start. Following an accident last August at work, where I dislocated both my shoulder and knee at the same time I had to cancel my annual service with Leven Lotus on two occasions as I wasn’t allowed and couldn’t physically get in or drive the car.

I spoke with lotus who were great and due to my circumstances they agreed to extend my warranty on certain things on the car which I had issues with.

For the first time ever I SORN’d a Lotus over the winter :frowning: . I finally managed to get back into the car at the end of Feb and then in March got the car taxed and MOT’d it just needed it’s service. I booked the car in to Jct600 in Leeds as Leven had gone into administration but two days before Boris locked the country down so the service was cancelled. Anyhow it was rearranged for yesterday and they quoted me £450 for the service. The day before I got a call from JCT to say they had quoted me incorrectly and the 4th service was actually £950 and 7hrs labour :open_mouth: I queried it but said I would ring them when I got home. I got home and checked my service book and it was due it’s 3rd service so rang them back and they still tried to get me to have the 4th service done as it was 4yrs old this coming November but I said no the 3rd service was ok, they quoted £280 and 3hrs to carry it out and I was booked in for first thing.

So yesterday up at 0530 on the road by 6 in the lashing rain. 10 mins before getting to jct my wiper decided to deconstruct itself which was interesting. Anyhow gets there at 0735 hands the keys over and they kindly said due to the weather I could have a seat in the showroom out of the rain. 3hrs later I get a service video of my car saying the brake fluid needs changing and the supercharger aux belt has slight cracks and they recommend they be changed in addition to the service. Service guy Steve speaks to my just before 11 quoting £130ish and 1.5hrs to complete so I said go ahead. 5 mins later he comes back and the price he was given was for an Evora and the exige is actually 2.5hrs and £270 :unamused: so I just said carry on. 3.5 hrs later it’s ready…finally. I had mentioned the brake pedal switch was faulty but the ECU doesn’t store those faults and the tech guy couldn’t get it to come on during a test drive so that was that.

So I finally set off for home 8 hrs after getting there. Get 16 miles from the garage and the traction light comes on :crazy: so back to the garage. When I get there I leave the car running and the tech guy plugs his laptop in and surprise surprise the brake pedal switch is faulty. They check but they don’t have one in stock so will call me when they get one to get it done under warranty. Set off for a 2nd time and finally get home at 6. 12 hrs out the house and £599 lighter in the wallet.

Anyone else have an eventful Friday? :laughing:

Oh my lord!!! :astonished:
That’s a stressful, eventful, costly and not particularly pleasant experience of a day.
Start saving for the 4th service :neutral_face:

I can’t top that, I only managed to clay bar the front of the Exige and have a chat with Fonzey.

And don ‘t forget Ollie at Phoenix Motorsport in Accrington. My Lotus guru and a fount of Lotus knowledge. Top man.