SELOC Trackday - Donington 24 August

Anyone else booked for this event?

Should be there myself, although Im sharing a place with a friend…

We will probably go up for a look but will not be running the car


Steve’s E and G - any tips would be gratefully received - first proper trackday!!


Start off slowley and build up your speed over the day, best way for you and the car. Don’t feel you have to go faser then you are happy with even if everybody else comes past you, go at a pace that is within your ability, Your there to have fun, not scare yourself silly!!(or wreck the car).
We are at Donington this evening (20/08/03) with book a track. If your not doing anything come over.
If we dont see you have a good day on Sunday.


Thanks for sound advice Steve - will try to remember Damn, forgot it was Donington evening session today -hope you had an excellent evening’s entertainment…

Really looking forward to trackday though hope it stays dry

Simon - Probably won’t be there now as I was double booked with a christening and car is a little tired after a hard day at Oulton Park yesterday and 3 weeks in the Alps…Steve E’s advice is on the money, only things to add are take a couple of laps to warm everything up at the start of the session and one to cool down at the end; when you park up in the paddock leave the handbrake OFF and select 1st or reverse to hold the car still; check oil level at lunchtime; possibly consider altering tyre pressure if you have a pump; if track seems crowded in front of you, slow down usually there is a nice empty space 20 secs back; keep looking in mirrors for faster cars - they can sneak up very quickly especially the radicals; and finally remember to smile!

SteveG - many thanks for the advice - saw/spoke to you earlier in yr at Elvington - like your driving style btw


Did you enjoy the day?

All went well on the lotus session with everyone having fun and no-one having any big offs. Also… no-one in the lotus session cused a stppage… and the weather was superb…

Tell me is �250 a lot of money for Donny on 24th Sept?? How many cars are going to be there?

Como on Mike! t’s not a lot of money.
Everybody and their granny is going to be there, some dudes are traveling down from Scotland and it’s going to be an all-day, open pit lane affair!

Think what you learnt in the sessions, now apply it all day!

Uldis (of course, trying to convince you to go)

Yep Mike

Uldis is right!

Rox - yep suberb circuit and day, but was on steep learning curve and with so many good drivers out I was initially v concerned with holding them up, seemed v busy as well. Thought organisers (Donington that is not SELOC) were pretty poor. For my first proper trackday tho’ absolutely ace. Your Exige certainly flys tho’ - was well impressed. Bring on the next trackday - havn’t had such fun in ages