Selling a S1 Exige

Hello All,

For interest as there has been lots of debate about values and the market etc. I thought I’d do a Chris Harris and tell you the inside on selling my car and share my experience of putting my Exige up for sale. Firstly as context, I didn’t advertise my car as an experiment, I’ve loved it, i was passionate about buying it and likewise about owning it since, so why sell? Simply because I found it a little isolating on the home front, my wife won’t get in it, and it’s a bit limiting with my young children, I took a view I should make a less selfish purchase and pick up a classic the whole family could share and enjoy.

With the whole market is awash with “crap” old cars that we’re now told are classics that have escalated ridiculously in price, I just wasn’t going to give it away, it’s a marvellous thing. So I pitch it at £38k, it has 25k miles but has been refreshed, and I’m confident it’s as good as any regardless of mileage. I took time to write a comprehensive advert and detail info to answer all the questions I’d assume someone might ask. I was conscious it would be one of the most expensive ones to have been advertised to date. I did only put it up on pistonheads. Pressed submit and awaited the abuse via SELOC. Luckily in the same week someone put an Elise on eBay for £24k so they got the stick :wink:

10 days in I had 3 outright offers, all unseen (one from someone who did know the car). First a dealer at £28k - sure fair but no interest for me. Second from a chap in Monaco, £36k upon an independent garage inspection and report, I was really adverse to the car leaving the UK, but it was an honest offer. The last £35k from a UK buyer,again very honest, and an immidiate purchase.

At which point I told my family, my wife told me I was being ridiculous, I’d always regret it, and I needed to have a serious rethink! My daughter hid the garage keys and my son refused to speak to me. Apparently they have all suddenly become Lotus fans?! Go figure, I thought I was doing something for them, they all think it’s noisy, smelly and compromising, but they don’t want it to leave.

So I’ve withdrawn the advert, will apologise to the people who made offers, and get back to being an Exige owner. Last time I take a family decision.

I can’t say I’m upset about the outcome, the episode has only pushed me to remind myself why I wanted one so badly to start with. Positively it has also provided some confidence in terms of values, but more inside my family than £’s.

I’m going to stop worrying about miles, I’ve booked the car at month end to have a retune and verniers fitted to ease its drivability and hope to see people at an event in the future.

It really was a very good advert, very genuine and one which would inspire confidence in a buyer.
Thank you for sharing the prices you were offered, very useful information.
I’m considering selling mine so your story was a nice shot of confidence.

You were going to WHAT :astonished: :open_mouth:

Yep that’s how the conversation went :unamused:

Interesting on the price front, that’s very good news.

Yep I thought it’d be of interest as a point of reference. I was actually intending to retain the spares and extras if selling at £35k.

Thanks for this topic, interesting to know how much we could sell one good exige S1, and not just a price on advert. 36k£ is really a good price, I don’t think they could be so high currently… And your family is on the right thing, keep your exige! :wink:

Never saw the ad. It must have been very well composed.
But isn’t it great that your family shares the love for your car?
Mrs Thommo, as I have often said on here, is not a fan but I think she knows how much my Exige means to me,where it’s taken me and where it will take me/us in the future.

Great story, thanks for sharing.

Mine gets used embarrassingly little at the moment but I think my family probably feel the same as yours do. I think the Exige is part of our family too and I’m hopeful that as the kids get older it will get more exercise and will be enjoyed by all of us.

Both Jacqui and Joe were very sad to see mine go as was I. However, it was the sensible choice at the time, I used it so little and I really need to invest the capital somewhere else. If I hadn’t it would still be sitting in my garage not being used…

I suppose the low £ exchange rate helps the overseas buyers. Even so fantastic price .
Thanks for shareing .
When mine’s sold it will contain a skeleton…mine.

Lovely story.

Great to learn that you have a loving family who really care about you & want you to be happy. They know how much the Exige means to you (shit, it took you long enough to get one!!!) & although they may not be its biggest fans per se…

Have fun! :mrgreen:

Thanks for the replies and positive messages. I’m grateful for a good family and now apparently a family that either appreciates the car or possibly more realistically appreciate how important it was to me. It was interesting to see the interest and I wanted to share the price as I know it impacts the outlook of others here.

Looking forward to lots more miles :wink:

I’ve been in the other end of this type of sale, and it is quite frustrating.

I had a nightmare scenario with a ‘seller’ of a particular v6 cup (not the yellow one btw) who convinced me to sell my series 2 then backed out of selling his once mine had been sold. That irked somewhat. The agreement was a lot more formal than the way I have summarised it here but safe to say, a very tiresome situation and the seller not to be trusted in such situations.

So whilst your story has a sweetness, I expect those bidding will be confused as to why it even appeared on the market.

No sweetness intended, and to the top it was intended as a wholly genuine sale. I hadn’t formerly or informerly accepted or suggested I was proceeding with either offer, I’d received interest shared some info, and come the end politely declined them, at which point I took the car off the market.

Same chap has done the same again just recently to another poor soul!!! Avoid at all costs…

To op, absolutely no offence was intended, just sharing the other side of these situations.

To seriously lotus. The chap, and his wife are absolute liabilities. I sold an excellent isotope of the basis of his documented promises and he reneged on the hour I was submitting a deposit. Well in fairness, so spineless was he, he got his wife to do his bidding. I expect the chap will be outed soon enough.

Proceed with absolute caution with that seller.

It’s funny but I don’t think a lack of use bothers most owners, as really it’s just something nice to have tucked away. Like a Hublot watch, or a Monte Blanc pen. The fact that it can be used for touring, tracking, etc etc is a bonus.

Glad to hear you’ve kept it.

Never tracked my Mont Blanc pen. I expect there would be a fair bit of roll in the corners and the writing would be on the wall after a few laps

PMSL @ Sean :smiley: