sell my exige

My exige is from 05/03/2001, it has 2500 km’s on the counter, the upgrade, and is full option+extra items.(exige stickers,a special cover,etc,etc…)I’m gonne sell him, i miss to much my esprit, so i’m planning to buy a new one.Can anybody give me a price, what i should ask for my car???

I take it you mean the 190 upgrade?Also does it have harnesses? Condition? (I presume good condition with such low milage…or should I say kilometerage), sports exhaust?..with all the above I would say you can get between �26,000 - �28,000 depending on condition and what additional extras you have.(as a rough guide we bought ours for around �23.5K with all of the above, exculding the 190 kit with 8,000 miles on the clock)