Seize the bay!!

Any ideas on how to fix a seized up engine bay cover. Went to top up oil over weekend, engine bay release catch just won’t budge. Tried brute force to no effect, ideas please?

KamHave you tried asking a helper to press the cover down (near the catch), whilst you pull on the release lever in the normal way?If that doesn’t work, the cable, to the catch, can be located above the liner in the rear wheel arch - i.e wheel off & loosen the liner so you can get on the cable to give it a pull!Good luck.

Aswell as pushing the cover down, try wiggling it to the left (I think). Bri

KamI’m home all day tomorrow (Wednesday) if you need a hand.I’ll dig crow bar and chisels out - & a big hammer in case we have to smash the cover!! [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

ooooo & just bought a new Bosch jig saw and I’m dying to try it out!!!If we cut through the back of the car we should be able to unstick the catch…

Might be easier to set the cover on fire, just to loosen it up a bit!