Anyone ever ordered anything from sector 111 in the past. If so was there any import tax or any duty to be paid on top…


I have’nt had anything posted buy them,i’m lucky enough to have a friend in the states who’s company ships large crates to milton keynes so when i bought harnesses and harness bar from them i had it shipped for free with zero vat/duty,but all the previous times i have bought bulky expensive items from the states i have been charged,However with the strong pound you’ll still be on to a winner.


I’ve got all my Sector 111 stuff through Hanger 111. I believe they try to bulk the orders up and get them through on a pallet. They’ve got to be worth a call as they might have what your after in the UK already.

your looking at $100 post

you will have to pay duty on the item and the post about 5%
then you will have to pay 17.5% vat on every thing
then maybe a UK handling charge of about �15

it all adds up, I am making an order with sector111 in the next day or so I could add it to my order if you like.


I bought their brake pedal extention for the s2 exige old style pre fly by wire pedal box to enable heel and toe.

It works, but getting on for �200 with the taxes was a lot to pay for a matchbox sized peice of aluminium…

I really resented the tax even more than other taxes for some reason. It flies in the face of free markets and the global economy ethos, and is probably funding some obese underclass asbo families’ fags and booze habits.