Has anyone experience of fitting non Lotus Motorsport seats to an S1? Is there a make or model which anyone can recommend?

You can fit just about any seat that you want but most are a little too wide to allow you to keep a usable passenger seat. The mountings are important because, with the floor being non-structural, you need to use the same pick up points as the original seats.
One of the best mounting kits out there is Lotus Sports own, as it allows alot of adjustment (with a spanner) and accounts for the difference in mounting point height too. Unfortunately it’s more than twice the price of most other kits.

Corbeau do a specific Elise seat thats narrow enough to fit two:


It’s probably best to try sitting in a load of seats as it would be rotten to set your sights on one only to find out it’s just not right for you.

Take a look here Hangar 111 Lotus



if I remember correctly Russ was selling a pair recently? I have a set in my car and they are not only very comfortable but excellent on trackdays.

I’ve said it before, be very careful with the choice of seats.
Not because they look nice or are referred as comfortable by someone means they’ll fit everybody.

Seats are almost like shoes, you have to try them on and they may or may not suit you.
…other wise I would have alredy bought myself a set of Mogs

PS- I have tried the Eliseparts ones and they were torture, didn’t fit my shape at all (read Gorilla shape)

I love my MOGs but have not yet found a way to trim them…

Where can you get that sticky back foam stuff to cut to size?

Oi, you have the MOGs?

Because I really fancy them but really need to try them before committing.
Can I sit in your car at Donny?
That’ll save me a trip to Germany!

I should have mine fitted by then also, think they do differnt sizes looking on there web page.

regards the padding, reverie do a stick on set (if your pockets go that deep)

MOGs as well?

Uldis, I am all Mogged up - you an have a look at mine at Donny.



I’ve also bought a pair of the 6 point willians harnesses from them that they recomended and stock @ 299euros each - about �400 GBP in total for both sets. Couldn’t be arsed with messing around with too many suppliers…

Uldis, I am all Mogged up - you an have a look at mine at Donny.

Uldis - You are welcome indeed !!

I might even take you out and scare you!!


Thanks Tarmac, Mike, I’ll see you all at Doni.

BTW Mike, be gentle with me. I don’t get scared of going fast, but fast-approaching walls kind of would…