Has anyone fitted Harnesses to an exige with the std seats?.
Tried some Corbeau seats in an Elise today and didn’t think they much more supportive than the seats fitted in the Exige as std.Any thoughts.

Thanks Steve

Hi Steve

I’ve fitted a set of Willans Silverstone harnesses to my car, which has standard seats, the only other thing you need is a harness bar. I got everything from Race speed. Fitted them my self, which took about 3 hours, you have to remove the seats and the plastic cover from the rear bulkhead, which needs a bit of modification so the harness bar can fit, its all quite easy to do. Since fitting them I’ve convinced myself there worth couple of seconds a lap at least


I’ve done that this week, as it happens…

First step was a harness bar and Luke six point harnesses from Geary at Eliseparts…

Had to remove the inertia reel belts and cut away part of the rear parcel shelf liner to get the harness bar in, but it is now as solid as a rock and looks as if it was there all the time (I also has to take out the speakers, but hey, who can hear them anyway…)

Needed to drill a hole right through the floor/chassis for the outside strap for the lap belt (on both driver and passenger side) and attached the other lap belt strap to the original seatbelt point. The positioning of the hole is in the back corner, through the chassis cross member, and you then attach it to the supplied spreader plate underneath the car…
(I have a photo which I can email, if you would like, but my own email is down for a couple of days so be patient)

The two shoulder straps bolt on to the harness bar, and they fitted just right on the shoulders for me. (I’m 5’7", i.e.standard exige size !!)

The crotch staps are part and parcel with the buckle so you have to use them, but with the standard seats they do not do much (too far forward - you could cut a hole in the seat but it would need very careful trimming, and that may become a future project…) I attached them around the front cross member underneath the seat, which is very solid, by looping the end of the belt straight around them, and threading it back through the buckles as before.

On the road the difference is amazing - no more sliding around the seat on corners - much better for control… now you know the difference between when the car itself is sliding, and when it was just you !!

One day I will switch to sports seat of some kind, with holes cut through for the shoulder and crotch straps, but for now I am happy…

Good luck