I need to get hold of a pair of seats for an Elise, any year, colour, leather or cloth. (its for another car not an elise) If anybody has anything or knows where I might find some then please get in touch!

I have a pair of cloth seats from an Elise. Cloth on driver’s side is worn. Asking 300 Euro for both. The seats come from a LHD Elise, so the little pump is on the right hand side of the driver’s seat.

I have two as well Simon - my old Exige ones, blue leather.

How much would you want for them?

I have a pair of cloth seats - mint RHD (taken out @ 20k miles)I don’t have the runners though… �100 for the pair ??

Sorry Simon - missed this one - I was thinking �200 the pair?

Yep, it was �200, bit on the high side, the main problem would be that they are blue leather which may not go with the garish yellow bodywork! I was in the process of looking for leather dyes that may be suitable.

RussTdo you have a picture of the seats…??? I might be tempted to part with some hard earned cash!!!

Sorry to butt in on this thread,but does anyone have a adjustable seat frame for sale?07702 256 [email protected]