Seats & Tyres

2 x blue leather seats - offers3x front A039, half worn, �50 each2x rear 39, nearly illegal, free to good home.

Russdefinately interested in rears and possibly in fronts as well - whats the history on them?

Steve - I bought the 048’s and was impatient to try them, so the 039’s were not really ready for the scrapheap! (Oh, and one is Pesky’s)

Russ I’ll definitely have the rears and two of the fronts…didn’t actually notice it was 3 fronts and not sure I’ll be able to match one up but will check my tyre dump and see if I can get another to match a pair with.Where/when can I collect/pay?

Steve, I could meet you halfway if you wish - Leeds-Preston - M62 - according to Autoroute, halfway looks around Rochdale - ish?