Seats (again)

Has anyone ever considered installing replacement seats in there Exige from a kit car supplier.Having read through a kit car mag the weekend(dreaming of one day owning an Ultima) I came across an add for what looked like resonable quality bucket seats for �175.00 a pr.Ok so somebody tell me whats wrong with them, because I am sure they are narrow enough?.I know it seems to good to be true so I am sure it is!.



You just have to make sure that both seats together fit (assuming you are replacing driver & passenger seats). Next you will need to check the height with the runners attached - you don’t want to end up banging your head on the roof

No Pesk,
I,m only a short arse, I can stand on my seat and not bump my head in the Exige.Joking apart I will look into this, the manufacturer is only local to me so I can feel a visit coming on. I am asumming that these seats are designed with Caterfields in mind and surely they are no wider than an Exige.



I think the possible problem that Pesky is talking about is that there is something asymetrical in th eway the seats are fitted (i’m not sure if both seats are exactly the same) I remember reading something about this in an earlier post - have you done a search already??

It might also be worth weighing the seats, because some of the aftermarket seats have steel frames and can weigh up to 20 kgs each

These are the weights for standard Exige seats
(i.e. no slots for harnesses)

Drivers seat weighs 10.5 kgs
Passengers seat weighs 8.5 kgs (lighter because no runners)