Seatbelt warning light connection

Hi AllCan anyone that�s removed their driving seat tell me where the seat belt warning light wires connect to, had the seats out to fit a harness bar and forgot to disconnect the wires for the warning light, now I cant find where to reconnect them, checked the wiring harness etc but cant see anything obvious, maybe I cant see the wood for the trees.CheersDave After 2 hours of fruitless searching, I’ve come to the conclusion that Exiges are not fitted with this facility. What didn�t help was when the ignition was switched on the seatbelt warning would flash, however when I eventually started the engine the warning extinguished.Dave[This message has been edited by Dave (edited 30 December 2002).][This message has been edited by Dave (edited 30 December 2002).]

DaveYou’ve answered your own question!!!Because lots of Exiges are fitted with Harnesses, they have changed the seat belt light from a simple switch in the seat belt buckle (which goes out when you plug the buckle in)they decided on the Exige to just have the 8 second flash and then extinguish on power up - so the leads you have found are redundant

Cheers Mark.Dave