Seat identification and value.


Can you guys help identify theses seats for me and their used value? I would like some tilletts or something of that like instead.

They are alcantara trimmed and only have one slight snag that’s only visible if you know where you are looking

It has lumbar support via a inflatable area from a hand bulb

I think they are Elise/Exige “probax” seats, which I think are £300-350 via likes of eBay.

I don’t appear to have any probax tags :confused:

I don’t believe Probax ever came with the hand pump lumbar support either? Though that could be nonsense… ?

I think Probax came in around the time the LED rear lights and DBW throttle came in.

No idea what that makes yours worth, but I fear they would be more valuable to just keep hold of and swap back into the car upon sale - if you ever sell it ofc.

Standard seat - though possibly reupholstered - with Lotus lumbar support pad & pump?

B111V0117F Lumbar Support, Inflatable
A089V6142F Pump & Valve Assembly

£500 plus these days, easily. Billy basic S1 seats are fetching £300+. Set of Probax on eBay at the moment £950. These are a bit steep, seen them sell for £750+

Interesting. Thank you very much for the info!

Yes , lumbar support part and pump . I can get a picture - it all works!

I would be very happy at £750!

I sold mine late summer last year for just over £500 - Probax ones fetch more… mine also had Exige on them which meant most Elise owners weren’t interested…

Those are exactly the same as the seats that originally came in my 2005 S2 Exige, right down to the upholstery. They are not probax but do have the lumbar pump.
Given the nice carbon effect I’d say they are worth a premium over completely std seats.

Excellent, thanks folks.

I guess I need to get some seats lined up to replace these …

Sold my probax seats earlier this year, drivers bolster had worn through, for £700.

£150 extra and got these second hand Carbon Kevlar seats…

Get them sold chap, there are deals for other seats out there. :thumbup:

That is a smashing deal! Ill get it sorted!