Seat Harnesses

Does anybody know where i can purchase the 5th element, the crutch strap to convert my 4 point to a 5 point harness?The Lotus garages claim to know nothing. Helpful lot!!!Thanks in anticipation.

Try this for starters However, why do you want this item - are you intending to race? In normal use (incl trackdays) it is not needed to stop you moving in the seat - the 4 point harnesses, in conjunction with the sports seats, do that admirably well. From a safety angle, again the 4 point jobbies will hold you firmly in place, if you manage to roll the car.[This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 14 May 2002).]

Call Bell&collville, They just ordered the crotch strap for my car and will arrive with me on friday… Lotus still have 20 of them instock 99+vat

Pesky,Safety Devices can’t sell that bloody part as its a Lotus part (usual stupid excuse…)I tried thema and they said no. I call B&C, they call Lotus, they call Bristol (parts storage facility, they call lotus back and lotus call BC and finally I get a call… Would have been alot easier for me to drive up the M11 to the next junction to buy it at Safety Dvices…<sigh)…

Funny, I had Lotus (in the US) install mine?? I suggest you e-mail Clyde at Lotus Cars USA, he may have them in [email protected] luck.Roy

Rob, I’ve actually been thinking about doing this for some time. It prevents the buckle riding up / you sliding down (with commensurate damage to internal organs) if you’re unlucky enough to have a big one. Shame the buckle won’t take a 6 to preserve you know what! [image][/image]

Ok… I now have the 5th harness strap…problem is that there is a piece of metal rod about 12 inches long with eyelets in each end and a oblong rubber grommet…I have NO clue what to do with these or how to mount it…(reading the above description, no rude comments please…)Do I bolt both ends to the floor with a spreader plate each end or…Thanks…

Not sure I’m afraid, but have you taken the buckle apart yet to see how easy it is, if at all, to rotate the bottom clip (which as standard is set to block entry of the 5th belt and needs to be rotated)?

I suspect if you unbolt the seat and turn it over you will see 2 x M8 tapped holes that the bar can bolt into.Then I guess the grommet is for the metal hole in the seat ( to stop chaffing ) and the belt is wrapped around the bar and comes out through the oblong slot ( now with grommet in place.

Hmm… yea thats what I suspect… if the holes aren’t there, i’ll drill two more holes to bolt it to via spreader plates,(just like the lapbelts…)I know have an extra Safety Devices parachute style buckle as the ones I have are the ECC legal jobbies.I bought an eliseparts carbon seat for the drivers side so will be fitting it next week… [image][/image]

LRdriverAs a matter of interest what diameter is the bar ( approx ) and is it solid or hollow ?Many thanks

Well just for info …Safety Devices will sell you the crutch strapthe single strap one ( 5 point harness ) is �6.40 and the twin strap one ( 6 point ) is �11.00 …How much is a bar with two holes in then …Just dont mention Lotus …

Thanks… that made my day…100 quid for a piece of bent coathanger.Lotus…why do I even bother.('cause its soooo much fun to drive [image][/image] ) Any comments?!

Americans … they know everything and were there first with everything [image][/image]I’m trying to see how the crutch strap could get to my head to pull it off … then again if it got that far why worry !!Its all about getting you head wiped out if your driving an open top car without a roll cage, makes sense becuase your not going to get thrown clear or be able to move to avoid it. I would imagine the roll over bar on the Exige is substatial enough to make this not a worry …PS - Sorry LRdriver - just thought people should know …

I understood what they meant by not allowing the crutch strap was so a degree of ‘submarining’ could take place under the lap belt, bringing the head slightly lower.Now, you’d have thought the roll-bar was strong, but… [Disclaimer: I understind this car had had a hard life]

IDGYour right about the submarining and the SD harness’s have built in “stretch” to allow a twist to reduce just that.The thread and pictures of the yellow Exige were interesting, that was a severe impact in any terms, but I would rather everything fell off and took the impact than having a very nice looking car after the wreck but not able to enjoy it … Mini Miglias have seen just that with too stiff structures and the force transmitted to the occupant.Maybe the “A” frame is a good move though !!