Seat belt light

Got home tonight, stepped out of the car, looked down at the seat and noticed a connector with two wires dangling out of the side of the seat. Turns out that these lead to the seat belt clip so it looks like Lotus forgot to connect it up. Anyway, popped the key back in the ignition to test the light and guess what, it just flashes six times then goes off. This is both with and without the seat belt fastened.Does anyone elses seat belt light flash six times and go off or does it stay on whenever the belt isn’t clipped in? If I remember rightly, my Elise used to stay on until the belt was clipped in…I know its a silly fault but I just paid over 30K for the damn car and I expect it to be perfect. I’m starting to think the build quality on my Exige is actually quite pants…T

Mine does the same, but I have the harnesses fitted rather than seatbelts. If you’ve got normal belts I guess it should work the same as the Elise.

Mine does the same and i have got seat belts MMMMM will investigate further. I thought it was a bit cheaky when they advertise seatbelt warning light that doesn’t do owt!

Got under the seat last noght and guess what? My wire goes no where! [image][/image]Where is the other end!!! [image][/image]

If that’s all you’ve got to complain about count yourselves lucky!Some people… [image][/image]

Where does it plug into?

I have no idea where the wire should go. I suspect that Lotus haven’t supplied anywhere to fit the thing - can’t find any connector under the seat…

Jimbo, I know it’s nothing really (I do have the odd serious fault too, honest!) but you’d have thought that Lotus could have been ars*d to plug the damn thing in…Not too bothered as I’m going to fit the four point harness / bar anyway but thats not the point…I’ll mention it to do dealer when it goes in for the service and other bits/pieces fixing.T.

P22 owners manual. Seat belt light stays on for 8 seconds following ignition on. Don’t worry!

Gadget,I don’t think it’s connected at all. I have a wire which leads from the clip to, erm, nowhere really. It just dangles under the seat. The light just flashes a couple of times when the ignition is turned on, doesn’t matter whether the belt is clipped in or not. It just doesn’t work…T

You folks have got me really worried that I’m missing out on something here. My seat belt light doesn’t flash 8 times when I turn the ignition on. Damn! [image][/image]

According to the various circuit diagrams the Elise has provisions for a seatbelt ‘switch’ and buzzer. The 340R and Exige diagrams on the other hand use a 8 sec timer in the instrument stack and do not make use of the seatbelt ‘switch’.I imagine that the wiring loom is common to all three models and under those circumstances it is not unusual to come across ‘unused’ connectors. I would further suggest that the 340R and Exige where conceived for use with a harness which does not lend itself to a ‘switch’ in the same way that a cross-strap does.

Oh well, one less thing to complain about then… ;o)Cheers Ken.