Sealing Exhaust Pipes

Hi chaps - can I draw on the extensive knowledge here…whats the best way of sealing my Elan Sprint Exhaust joints?

It’s a stainless system, must be at least 10 years old now. It’s really is a horrid thing TBH. Looks like a one handed blind man on a galloping horse welded it together and I do remember it was a total git to fit originally.

There’s just no give in it at all so the clamps dont do a great job of sealing the joints.

4 to 2 x 2’s then to 1 so basically it’s the 3 joints on the ‘Y’ shaped 2 to 1 under the gearbox which is the problem.

I have tried all sorts inluding wrapping with exhaust bandage and clamping over both sides of the joint etc but it always blows through eventually.

Any ideas?




I’ve sent you a PM

There’s an exhaust sealing goo that mechanics use.
I used to use that when I had the EBD (the bloody flange was never really straight)

this might help in knowing where not to go:

cheers Steve I did fing that site googling b4 I posted

I’ll see what I can bodge up tomorrow

Got the new clutch in the Elan and the engine bolted back on…at last

The Elan has run now for a couple of hundred miles now sisnce sealing the exhaust and it’s fine.

I used Locktite high temp sealant. It’s an orangy red sealant - looks like bath sealant. It seems ok. Very flexible and has not yet turned black and crumbled away!