Scottish winter - fast approaching

Anyone here from Scotland and survived a winter in their Exige yet? With winter fast approaching Im having to decide if a 2nd car is required. Used to live in somerset and Im sure it would have been ok most days but not so sure about up here. So I feel I will have to purchase that Lada Niva.
Have to park my car in the street which is bad enough but any ideas to prevent damage from the Gritters, thought about a car cover but would likely be nicked. Other than buying a new house with a driveway, enough room for the lada too.

It’ll hate not being used!

I drove it when the snow was not too deep, it is very low.
Other than that the wide tyres and light weight mean no grip at all, no matter what tyres you use.
Gritters will pepper the paint, it’s too low. Brakes and suspension bits will rust, and the wide sills will be always dirty with road grime, so your pants will get dirty while coming in and out, especially noticeable if you wear black.

Get a �500 banger for the winter. I had one.

I drove my Elise through 3 winters and survived but it’s probably not the best idea. As Uldis says traction isn’t too bad (with the aid of handbrake TCS ) but you have no braking grip.
I live in town so it’s not as bad and on a bus route so that is an option for me for the 3 or 4 worst days of the year.

If you do significant miles then a banger is probably best.


You certainly feel the lack of grip on a frosty morning through the wheel of an Exige!

May I recommend a Puma. Fun handling and available with winter friendly heated front screen.


yes! i will be using my S1 exige as my day to day car in the winter months! I did it with my S2 elise complete with A048’s in the snow!! Oh the comedy. Just turn the heating up full blast (er…if you have it) and drift your way up the m8

I miss REAL snow and scottish winters (not the rain part). I’d move back to Scotland tomorrow if I could convince the other half.

I used my Elise every day and intend to do the same with the Exige. Maybe get a lift from the other half if it gets more than 1ft

Maybe get a lift from the other half if it gets more than 1ft

About this deep then?


I guess I will give it a go. Just have to go through east kilbride to get to work and it seems a bit of a snow trap. I think I will give it a go at least up until the worst days, but the alternate transport is a bus 2 trains and a bus, think it would get wearing. Im going to keep my eye on the banger market (puma may be a bit too much for a second car, but will bear in mind) and the weather forecast and a look out for an empty driveway to avoid the gritters and wayward motorists trying to negotiate the hill i live on (which I cant imagine ever managing to get up in the snow).
Does anyone own the yellow S2 parked across from the holiday inn (ex hilton) in E.Kilbride or the red one in Hamilton?

Good thing is… you can play…


Yellow one, good idea! Ideal for being spotted by the rescue helicopter.


Yup last year I was late to work a couple of times when it had snowed. Having too much fun in the carpark