Scottish Lotus Specialists - Edinburgh :)

Hi Guys

Thought I’d cross post this from Scottish Elises - we now have someone in Edinburgh that isn’t fleecing Scottish Lotus owners for a change!

News Flash! New Lotus Service Centre Edinburgh - SLS

Some good news for Lotus owners in Edinburgh and Scotland !

As some of you may know, I have resigned after working for 11 years for Lotus at Murray Motor Company, and am currently working out my notice period.

During the last 11 years I have met some of you, when not shielded from the general public by the powers at be, and have worked on every type of Lotus from Esprit, S1, 340r on to S2, Exige�s, Cups and many derivatives I may have missed Smile

I have now started out on a new venture, Scottish Lotus Specialists, and hope that I might be able to count on some of your support.

�Scottish Lotus Specialists� is my new company, which I have started up; to concentrate on servicing and maintaining your Loti in the way they should be, without the pricing to have you running off to re-mortgage the house!

I am looking to transform the service experience for Lotus owners in Edinburgh and Scotland, from the current options, and I can finally do this as my own boss.

Communication will be directly between me and you, and the Chinese whisper issues that can afflict bigger companies will be redundant here.

As I get the premises sorted (thanks Andy G for the short term loan of your garage!! One the of the benefits of helping with the RLC ) , and once I have worked out my notice at MMC (only 2.5 weeks to go) expect to hear more from me with regards to prices for the services, and other unique offers I will be targeting specifically for SE owners.

Expect servicing to be at awesome prices � I can tailor the service specifically for you car and using the parts and fluids, you want.

What do you want done to your Lotus, what issues do you have? I�m always happy to have a chat through with you.

Want to buy a Lotus � I�m happy to check it out for you, and if will even give you a report on it if required.

I will be at SIDC to meet more of you, and to provide support to you should you have any issues � I will be there FOC incidentally Wink

In the mean time if anyone is looking to have their Lotus serviced, I�d be delighted to speak to you � either by PM or you can call me on my mobile, and we can look at scheduling a time to suit you to get it done.

Thanks also to my first customers � you�ve helped give me the confidence that this move will work, and I�d also be delighted to hear from any of you that have thoughts about what I can do to make my service and product offering better.

More news to follow and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to spread the word!



Apologies if anyone objects to this post.

Ive used SLS already for my elise and saved a shed load. Ali was up till the wee small hours getting my car ready for FF6.
Hes a great guy and def knows his stuff!
cheers Ed

Delighted to hear it, live in Glasgow but look forward to using you for my next service in a few thousand miles. Not having any problems at the moment but based on previous cars there may well be some warranty issues in the future.
Will you be able to carry warranty work out or would that need to be through the main dealer.

Ali serviced my 111R last week for half the Main Dealer price. Top class. Will be taking the Exige to him as well.

Much impressed.