Scottish Contingent Report 16th Nov

Hello AllJust a wee note to let you all know that me, Uldis, Ally, Mike Niven and Dave Stanley (who wimped out by spectating only!!! pah!) all got out in the rain soaked hills of Eastern Scotland as well on Saturday. We attended the session at Knockhill and had a jolly old time among all those 4-wheel drive thingies and elises.No major stories to tell, I had a spin at the hairpin after braking too late, turning in too fast and too deep with some extra weight (I took a passenger - silly him!!) but Ally gets the prize for helping the KH green-keeper keep the weeds down!I think Uldis is lookin into gettin’ some Aston Martin aftermarket parts for removing scoobies from the braking zone before he goes underneath them, or over the top of them next time.Anyway, like I said a fun time was had by all.

Those scoobies… they just started braking sooooo early I got scared a few times [image][/image] . And I already got used to their (not-so-controlled) sideways antics in the turns.But overall great day [image][/image] .Chhers,UldisNow, let’s see… I could open the left air intake and install a retractable bazooka… yes! And in the other one I could put a flame thrower…Anybody knows Bond’s mobile phone #?

Yup, another great day out at Knockhill. I was taking a few liberties in the damp conditions and eventually they caught up with me. [image][/image] It’s a bit trcky to slow the car down when you’re going backwards over wet grass at 50mph. [image][/image] No harm done other than a bit of mud collected though.Thanks to Mike for the laps round in his new weapon - 380 bhp Audi Quattro. Great sound and very solid feel to it.Uldis, the last time I went out, myself and and a 7 got stuck behind a red nissan (270r badge) for two laps! Only time I’ve flashed someone to move over. Gave him an old grandpa style shake of the fist when he eventually moved over. Bah! [image][/image]See ya all there again soon. Cheers.

Some photos of the day pilfered off Scoobynet.

Guys,I have uploaded some footage recorded at the later stages that day in KH.Unfortunately it’s my first try at digital video and the file is 20MB. I’ll still try to make it smaller and also post another one from the very wet beginning.You’ll find it in bookatrack’s site: Cheers,Uldis PS - don’t know why, but when it started srying there were less cars at the track. It was full when it was wet!

UldisExcellento [image][/image]Enjoyed watching your video - thank goodness for broadband [image][/image]

Ally,It was my pleasure taking you out in the quattro its just a pity I was ironing out some of the bugs at the time. Remember the vibration I was getting from the back - just figured it out tonight, the rear diff was touching the subframe at one side [image][/image]Now sorted [image][/image]Now just got to work out whether the dump valve (recirculating) is working properly as there is a terrible lag when changing gear. I think I’ll get it on a rolling road this weekend to see if it can shed any light [image][/image]I didn’t know you had an off on Saturday, had a look for you late on but I must have missed you [image][/image]Here is a link to a picture of the quattro if anyone would like to see it quattroMike

Had the spin on my 2nd last time out Mike.Sorry for not getting a chance to say my goodbyes to you and everyone else, as after my last session out (3.15pm), when I drove back into the pits, no-one’s car was around so presumed you were all on track. Was going out that night so just hit the road rather than hang around and freeze me bollox off. [image][/image]