Scoop the new porsche 997 photos

is it a 997 or a 996 with new lights??.. anyhows its not a e… oh never mind

Personally i would like the 980
and to think i did have a deposit on one as well

Utterly gorgeous, nearly as good looking as my Exige

Much like the S2, I’m gonna need to see it in the flesh. I know it’s slightly larger and is bound to be a step forward, but it’s looking too like the 996 for me to get too excited yet.


Isn’t the 997 just a facelift, and the real changes come with the 996 8-cylinders and all that ?

I thought the 997 was a considerably bigger car, just looks the same.

Have they decided on the V8 yet? I though it was a packaging issue? Fitting two more cylinders in the boot must be a tad tricky.

I think there’s something in this months EVO mag.


just came across this in SniffPetrol… … well… i thought it funny…

Following last month’s announcement that Michael Mauer is to replace Harm Lagaay as head of design at Porsche, industry spies say the former SAAB styling boss is already furiously preparing for his move to Germany. Sources close to the German designer suggest that, following close scrutiny of the 997 model, Mauer has already brushed up on many of the key techniques required in his new role.
“Stylists often talk of a ‘design language,’” noted car design pundit Fnrk Hamsandwich. “But at Porsche that literally means learning the correct language. Michael will have to be familiar with phrases such as ‘phoning it in’, ‘not bothering’ and ‘exactly the [censored] same’.” Experts also believe Mauer is well on his way to deliberately ‘unlearning’ important words such as ‘change’, ‘radical’ and ‘brave new direction’. The 41-year-old designer is also said to be practising the actions required for the Porsche style position, by sitting around doing bugger all.
However, some car design analysts have been quick to point out that it’s not all loafing around for five years and then deciding to make the headlights a slightly different shape. Now that Porsche has the Cayenne, Mauer must also get used to catching sight of one driving past his house and the subsequent two hours spent sitting in a darkened room gently sobbing.

He’ll be fine. His last effort at Saab was to stick a 9-3 front end on a Subaru estate!