scarey tonight

80mph in the outside lane of the motorway and engine just died.

managed to coast on to the hard shoulder - engine just stopped without warning - no splutter, no nothing. lights working no obvious electrical problems.

i tried to restart her engine turning over like i had no gas.

phoned the AA whilst we were going through the details of where i was i tried to start her again - nothing, so i reset my immobilizer and it started first time.

anyone one else had anything similar? my car is 6 days old (610 miles)…


Sorry, can’t help, but glad you’re okay, hope you get it sorted, and well done for averaging 100 miles a day!


no but coincidentally our gerts jag has done that to me at the same speed 3 times in the last 2 days in the outside lane of the motorway - ACE!

Best of luck with yours!

Where was your mobile phone when this happened?

Three little letters… EMC! (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
Can do scarier things than make your radio beep and buzz.


Please expound, or post a link to a site which explains this in more detail, please.

Thanks in advance.

Incredible - Jaguar Assist have given me a hire car while the Jag is fixed - have they given me a different model to try? An up grade on the existing? or even the same thing??? or could it be one lower in the range???

No in their incredible wisdom they have given me a very well specced Auto, oilburning Volvo V70 Estate

What a great marketing opportunity thrown in the bin.

Here you are sir why not try one of our competitors cars, very comfy and a bit cheaper than the Jag - in fact why dont you just [email protected] yourself while you are at it - remember dont come back and buy this unreliable thing when you could have a nice Volvo???

What on erth do they staff their marketing departments with? animated dog turds???

Jag/Volvo = same company dude.

Not sure I would want to drive a car made in Halewood - maybe the Volvo was a good choice.


Please expound, or post a link to a site which explains this in more detail, please.

Thanks in advance.

It’s something which actually happens fairly infrequently, but can explain a lot of “mysterious” electrical problems in cars. (Also happens to be the area I work in, so forgive any slightly anecdotal evidence!).

In simple terms, any electrically noisy item, or intentional transmitter (such as a mobile phone) will have an electromagenetic field surrounding it during operation.

This field has the potential to induce unwanted little currents and voltages that can upset the operation of the victim items exposed to that field.

There is evidence of certain cars stalling when driving past high power transmitters, Airbags exploding when a mobile rings in the car, instrument clusters going bonkers near airport radar. That sort of thing.

Generally, manufacturers such as Ford (and all members of Ford group, Volvo,Jag, Aston etc) perform testing to eliminate most of the effects as far as possible. You can never test for every eventuality though and sometimes a unique combination of circumstances leads to an EMC event occuring.

Generally, Lotus have never bothered too much with testing and tend to rely on work done by their suppliers. Lotus still have to meet the minimum requirements for “e” marking obviously.

It’s possible (I’m suggesting) that the immobiliser was upset (armed effectively) by some electrical event in the car, be it a voltage spike, power dropout (from a vibrating connector or “chattering” relay), or a radiated field from a phone, other on board item, or a transmitter it was passing. A simple reset cured it, with no other effects. It may never happen again, or it may be something as simple as re-routing an element of the wiring loom. If it keeps happening, the first suspect of course would be the immobiliser box itself, from a normal reliability perspective.

As I say, a lot of work goes on to prevent this sort of thing occuring, but it can and does still happen, like all other reliability issues…

Hope this helps.


Cheers mate, very interesting read (& in simple language for simple me)

thanks fellas - hasn’t missed a beat since - so fingers crossed.

A scarey situation to lose power on the motorway. If it happens again, Lotus will most likely simply swap the immobiliser module. Probably worth getting them to change it as a precaution, as it’s kind of a safety issue and you don’t want to feel like you can’t trust the car - especially as it’s so new and your pride & joy!

Good luck & enjoy the car!

I just asked for something the same size as the jag as I was on a vulture trip to see Sean for some bits off his car today.

I would have got a Micra had I not asked. Twas a coincidence it was a Volvo - the other option was a Disco!

PS Volvo is nice. Auto cruise leather smooth comfy…
Oil burner!!!

I think I’m getting old

happened again today this time at 30mph on an a road - 5 minutes and fine again. gonna get on to lotus as it’s making me nervous…

my car broke down and stayed broke yesterday.

2.25 hours waiting for the AA - tortured by a 9 year old boy on a bike for most of it and then another hour and a bit waiting for the flatbed.

got dropped at the airport and picked up my cornflour blue chevy matiz. then on to christopher niels where my baby had to be abandoned on the pavement. finally got home at 12.30 am…

her fuel pump is shot apparently - part coming monday.

gutted but you know what? she looked stunning even being dragged on to the back of a truck!

Are they sure it’s not a dodgy immobiliser cutting the fuel pump? Just a thought given the previous symptoms and “fix”.

The Exige has failed to start on a couple of occasions now.

The last time it happened (last week) i reseated the relays and all the fuses under the bonnet and it has not happened since.

I did notice a distinct lack of petrol fumes from the zaust so assumed it was something to do with the fuel supply???

Seems ok since fiddlin wi the fuses???

she’s fixed! dodgy fuel pump replaced…

Good news! Hope she stays fit and well. Uh-oh the weathers due to take a turn for the worse tomorrow… Summer’s finally gone…

she’s fixed! dodgy fuel pump replaced…

Fingers crossed!

With the VX it would probably have been a couple of weeks before they even got the (wrong) pump for you!