scandal green exige s1

Does such a beast exist ???

For about a grand I expect one could!

Ok but do any officialy exist ??

i hope not!! its a highly offensive colour

Dont be silly, much better than homosexual orange , boring new aluminuiun, poncey yellow, and any terrible shade of blue (with duck tape holding the windows in !!)!!

you calling me a homo there squire?

and i must be a ponce!could be worse could of chosen hearse black!

Thats an idea … i could rent mine out for funerals seeing as russ has cornered the wedding market

good idea but your restricted to dwarfs and garden knomes!

I could do a cat if i unbolted the roof

me thinks your cat has been bypassed by the noise it makes! (was at oulton other week)

didnt notice you behind me ???

i was the yellow blur u may of noticed goin passed the hearse!

jealousey will get you nowhere

must of been the weight of the corpse in the coffin that slowed you down! was great day though hope to go again soon.what exhaust have you got on it does sound nice, mine needs replacing.

Just a lotus sport exhaust?? im going to anglesey on the 9th and oulton on the 19th of july… come along and we can show pesky some manners on track

car is booked in for new zorst on 15july at tube torque also workin on those dates (shift worker),hope to see you another time though.

[quote]must of been the weight of the corpse in the coffin that slowed you down,
Pesky wasnt even in my car ???

Something like this?


or this