SC Honda S1 needs a home !

Well looks like I shall be out of the UK for the next 2 years as from April next year, based in Sydney but “commuting” around Asia.

Looked at taking over the Exige but for 2 years it just isnt worth the cost and hassle but I dont want to sell it either unless its for absolute the “right” money ( and that is most likley not going to happen )

If anyone has some bright ideas I’m willing to listen otherwise its going into storage, and so if anyone knows a good “home” let me know. I already have a quote for �20.00 a week from a place I know down in Hampshire.


Congrats to you & Jude

I’m sure you’ll both have a wonderful time (both professionally & socially) - that is as long as you don’t see Dave Oz’s garage, & it’s ever increasing number of Lotus cars

Have you spoken to Randy about storage for both the Exige & the donkey?

Plans at Dunsfold?

Congrats Andy !

Agree you shouldn’t sell it if possible…there a lot of hard work gone into that car!

Surely someone could use it as a show/demo car ?

mmmm, been thinking about going in to the storage business…

If you pay me �20 a week, ill happily drive it… i mean look after it

Feel for you mate, do what you feel is best, what sort of ballpark figure would you look for if you were to sell?

I know its a long way for you but when I had my car collection, Newcastle Airport rented me space in a covered, heated aircraft hanger at only �1.00 per day!
If its any good to you i’ll send you their details.