Satin black Exige stuff

Anyone got the “Satin Black” Exige Window Winders; Handbrake sleeve; etc etc etc ?Are they anodised alloy or just painted?Just wondered if they were quality stuff (should be for the price) i.e Do they scratch down to the silver or chip easily? Or do they still look good?I’ve got some Crimbo money to spend - hence all the stupid questions [image][/image]Cheers, Tim

They are anodised. They seem to be pretty good except the window winders. The logo on the winder is glued on, mine fell on the first day and I cannnot find it…Roy

Thanks RoyThink I’ll invest in some then. I’ll upgrade the glue though. [image][/image]Cheers, Tim

Just don’t order them from that bloody company in German.

Nein - Herr Lambs in Sheffield.Hundred bloody quid for the winders and oil cap - jeez [image][/image]Plus twenty for one of those Lotus Motorsport windscreen stickers from Bob van M.That’s all my Crimbo money spent now [image][/image]Back to the beans on toast.Cheers, Tim [image][/image]

TimDidn’t you consider a ‘Pesky’ visor, cheaper (moneywise!) [image][/image] and more exclusive [image][/image]. Out of interest do you live near Sheffield (Lambs)?Simon

SimonYep - considered the alternatives but opted for Bobs. Work next door to Gordon Lambs - they did cheese me off somewhat when I booked my car in to have two new A039s fitted last year - when I turned up they didn’t have them in - but they washed my car and broke the passenger window and refused to accept it so I had to rebond it back on myself. As reported in another thread. [image][/image]They do have a tasty blue Noble ex-demo for sale though - and a new silver one in the showroom.Live out in the sticks near Buxton - but tend to commute in an old Fiesta diesel. Couldn’t make it into work last Friday 'cause of the snow. Shame. Exige is hibernating until things warm up and there’s no grit about - March hopefully ?Cheers, Tim

Exige is hibernating until things warm up and there’s no grit about - March hopefully ?Used to live in Hayfeild, not to far from Buxton, once remember playing in a cricket match in Buxton that had to be called off half way through due to snow stopping play, and this was in June!Dave

I am dying to know what Crimbo means - the context suggests it refers to christmas-boxing day…I think I’ll start trolling the web for a slang dictionary…

Yep - Summers as well as Winters in Buxton can be a bit chilly. Crimbo = Christmas [image][/image]Cheers, Tim

TimTook missus for a bite to Cat & Fiddle in Exige last weekend - couldn’t see a yard in front of me - fog!! Mixed views on Lambs - they lost an Elise sale to a mate because they wouldn’t let him test drive one! - he bought elsewhere…

Yep - Don’t mind ordering bits and bobs from them (and I let them fit my Exhaust last April) but since the “Window Incident” (“Lambgate” we’ll call it) I’d be loathe to let them do any more work on the car.Cheers, Tim

quote:Originally posted by Timbo:…oil cap…Watch that oil cap! I’m back with the std yellow one as my nice black Exige one kept unscrewing and flying off on trackdays!

Oh no! - a quality item then [image][/image]

Mine came off at Oulton - a marshall kindly returned it to me, but as i had run over it, it looks distinctly second hand! Now back to the plastic item as well.