Sat Nav

Please don’t lynch me!!

I know that the words ‘Sat Nav’ and ‘Exige’ have probably never been mentioned before in the same sentence (sorry Mr Chapman), but I will be taking my buggy across Europe when I pick it up.

I was going to get a TOM TOM GO, but it requires a power connection - sooooooo, my question is…

Does the S2 have an accesible power point??

I’m only asking this because I’m abroad at present and I don’t have any interior photo’s.


On the S1 there is a big rubber groment that wires run through from the front of the car, right next to the battery, in to the passenger’s footwell (on RHD cars). I’ve run my charger line through there, and I know a few others have used it too. Don’t know about S2s though.


Theres power at the back of the radio (i’ve used it to run my road angel) advantage that it turns on and off with the ignition.

The only lighter socket is between the seats (to far to run a cable)

Thanks for that. I think I might give the dealer my TOM TOM and ask them to cable it to the right hand side of the dash when they’re prepping it for collection.