sat nav options

won’t do me any favours with the hardcore exiger’s (post aircon, parkassist etc…) but looking to fit some sat nav. Have been looking at this

and only really put off by the price! has anyone had experience of the pioneer unit, or are there any strong reccomendations out there for a sat nav solution?

Hello Exige boy, cant get the link to work but, i have a becker head unit, this was s/h so not expsnsive at the time, no moving map which would have been nice but is very neet, has junction display etc.
Im sure pesky will have some input!

Are sure it wasn’t an E class and not an Exige you were after.Generally fully loaded is a phrase akin to euro boxes not Lotus.


Try the Acer N35 with Destinator, it’s under �250 and works very well.


Just got back from a European trip and used a Navman which was fantastic. A lot less bulky than the Tom Tom and Garmin units.

I’ve got a new Acer N30 PDA with the GPS kit (car fitting kit and separate GPS unit) which also links to Autoroute. Bought it for trip to Italy to use in hire car and never got to download the european map before i went (DUH) As I have satnav (not in the Exige) is not needed. If your interested will email info.

I’ve had satnav put into my Exige - along with a LCD screen and front and rear cameras for recording while on track.

It works well but do consider the difficulty/cost of the install. My installer refused to ever touch an Exige again after almost crippling himself/giving up.

I went for the full install over a portable unit as I wanted the LCD for the cameras and I hate having to remember to carry power cables when I go on long journeys to charge the portable unit I have - other than that I reckon a portable GPS unit/Pocket PC is always going to be better than a satnav unit install.