Same old story . . . insurance recommendations

Thinking of changing insurer . . . anyone any experience with ClassicLine?


Classicline were always good to me on my 111R, I give them a chance to quote on my Exige each year and they’ve just not been competitive. They had a good, open minded approach to modifications and arranging the track cover was no hassle.

Been with Manning on the Exige (and now 211) which have a pretty significant advantage for my usage, as their trackday cover is unlimited (in the UK) and so I don’t need to declare each one individually. It’s useful when going above 6 trackdays that most include but if you’re not planning on that I suppose this advantage is negated.

Yep, I’ve used Classicline for the last 2 years now, they were the cheapest for me the last time I renewed. I guess there’s quite a few factors involved when they quote that they take into account. I’ve also got an agreed insurance value with them :+1:

Thanks, all. I’m leaning towards ClassicLine as they also include European breakdown cover (I’m off to Spain, Pyrenees and return via mainland Europe in Sept). Their quote is higher than my current insurer but European breakdown cover is not included. And the process of agreed value is much easier.

I’ve also been with Manning for years - their unlimited track insurance is just too tempting! :thumbup:

Gone with ClassicLine, thanks for comments.