Sam Blogs's Motorsport Elise

Very cool mota

Or alternatively from the same page:

Try yer luck against Randy&Scuffers in Britcar next year in this very tidy looking Prosport ,…tempted Christian??

Or pretend you are blessed with Kershaws pedalling power in the car he blitzed the MESC field with at Oulton in this Race Prepped Exige

Been chatting to simon about the prosport, funny you should mention it.
From what he tells me its fitted with the early hewland gearbox, which could cause problems and is around 8k for a new one, otherwise i would take a look at it.


Bloody hell, I guess that means Sam isn’t doing the mid engined series next year???

Does anyone know what his plans are?


It also means that the guy on the ‘track preparation’ thread didn’t need to be tearing up his nice road car up to go racing…

I would imagine whatever Sam gets to replace his Sport Elise is going to be even quicker. Maybe Pesky sold him his Yaris?

He obviously wasn’t impressed with George’s new power to weight rules!

Maybe Pesky sold him his Yaris?