Safety Devices Belts and Motor Sport? Seats

Hi All - I emailed Safety Devices directly about getting the seat and belts (you know the ones - they were an upgrade option with Exige embroidered on the head rest) in place of my standard black leather ones. SD told me to contact lotus directly. Any advice?> Does any one have a pair for sale?

The belts are from SD and available if you can source the right part number.
The seats, quite rightly are thru Lotus but now Maidstone Sports Cars are doing a package (yes the same guys who do the Honda conversions)

Look under SELOC and Product news for a thread by MSC…

Also look under Schroth Racing in the DT catalogue. Those are SD belts (who makes who I dont know, but they are the same except different labels. When I bought belts for a wesrfield, I went to SD but found Schroth Racing instructions in the box)

Are the exige ones wrap around or bolt on? on the shoulder belts fixing points that is…

If bolted, then the Schroth racing PROFI II-FE ASM are maybe what you need.

Demon Tweeks catalogue page 145 item number 5 on the page

Aha… just realized it doesnt matter whether thay are wrap around or bolt on since you dont have a harness bar already.
So source a “bolt-on” bar and the SD harness and you is sorted

cool…I realize I’ve just been having a conversation with myself…

but now Maidstone Sports Cars are doing a package

For reference, Hangar 111 have various seats ( ) from �649 - �928 (each inc vat) how much !!!

Elise Parts have some carbon fibre seats trimmed in Alcantara for �495+VAT each

MSC have them trimmed in leather/alcantara for �1200+VAT

Thanks chaps - i’ll check out lotus as well b4 doing anything else



Do you think the bolt in Willians harness will fit the S2 Exige? I much prefer the Willians in my S1 Elise to the safety devices. If so I shall swap 'em when my S2 Exige turns up.