Safe place for stands?

I know where the jack point is but where should I safely place the stands?

Any advice on how high to set them?

Ta, Ian


If you jack up at the “normal” point ( where the blue sticker is ) Front stands go at the front of the “chassis rail” just where there is a tooling hole and the rear ones ideally go where the rear diffuser is fixed to the subframe with the larger M8 bolts ( so you have to take the diffuser off )

If you use the end of the chassis close to the point you jacked up for the rear point ( cos you dont want the hassle of removing the diffuser ! ) the car is very unstable and will rock towards the front with just a minor touch - honest … - basic its the 4 poster points as detailed in the handbook …

Height wise I just use the first hole on the stands - just suffiecient height to have the wheels off the ground - everything is more stable that way and you can just get a front wheel under the chassis just in case !!

Thanks Andy