Sadly For Sale

New Job starts in Norway in June and it will cost approx �20,000 to import my Exige, bike and Landrover.

So very reluctant sale of a car well known to most of you.
S1 Silver Exige Oct 2000, reg included “X11EGE”, A048’s, Seats and Harness’s, Racing Dynamics Dampers, 2 sets springs, cat, silenced cat replacement pipe, and cat replacement pipe,less then 30,000m, full service history, corner weights and geo done recently. �19,000. tel 07711 679823-Adam

Hi… where in Norway are u gonna work.???.. was it you who was thinking to go to Trondheim (Stj�rdal)…??? Are u sure u have to pay that much to take them here??? If u stayiing here for a short time it should cost u 0 �… So 4 how long are u gonna stay???

The rules changed not so long ago so that anyone taking residence for longer than one year and importing a car has to pay registration and 25% VAT. For the Exige thats 140,000kr, approx �12,000. If you know any other way I would be very pleased for the advice.
My new job has a permanent contract and I expect a minimum of 4-5 years in Stjordal, could always buy a snow mobile for some fun along with a jet ski.

I just took a fast look at the rules… the 1 year is parrtly correct… But there is some posbiltys to extend this to 2 years or maybe 3 years (not quite sure about the 3 years)… But if ure gonna stay here as long as 4-5 years it will be hard to avoid the tax… thats Norway the car policy sucks

Can’t you just ‘sell’ it to a company over here and ‘hire’ it for the duration of your stay ???

Keeping Exige now as any motor vehicle I buy in Norway will be approx twice the UK price, so importing looks viable.

Also found a small circuit 5 mins from the new job. Can’t believe my luck.

A wise and luck man!


will u take your number plate or sell it on?

Car will be registered with Norwegian plates, so X11EGE will go. I am not sure if it can be transfered. The car had a different reg when new, transfered when I bought it, then this one. Does it have to be on retention or something?
If I can sell it I will do, but not priority.