Sabelt or Luke Harnesses

Been looking at a few sites and they are similar in price are there any preference and why


I fitted LUKE, but there is no real difference, from my observations, as long as you go for 3" rather than 2".

I actually fitted two sets of six points in 3" wide, but when I found that passengers invariably were unable to get them securely fitted and tightened without a twenty minute groping session, I took off the passenger set and fitted a LUKE four point with a big red button. These are much easier to put on, being ‘mothercare’ easy.

I actually have an Eliseparts harness bar for sale, and the practically unused (worn five or six times) LUKE six point passenger set, which would IMHO probably be ideal for you…

(The bar became superfluous when I fitted the race legal cross strut and A frame.)

I bought a harness bar the other day, doh!

suppose I could always send it back

how much do you want for the 6 point harness? send me a pm


I’ll do a PM then…

I’ll do a PM then…

your PM must have got lost in the post

Nope - it got delayed by the wife’s mouth !!!

Sent now !