S3 content

Wow, there’s not much S3 content on here…

Feels like we need to reach out a little?

Its not from lack of trying.

I am trying insta, facebook and here but people seem reluctant to post.

Any ideas?

I hear you…

Not on Facebook or Insta personally,

Might be worth engaging with the various Lotus groups; SELOC, NYLOC etc. (Not that i could get on NYLOC!).

I much prefer the content on Exiges, but the volume of traffic is low.

I’d rather it stay small and specialist than be absorbed into obscurity though.

I’m acquainted with a bunch of S3 owners and most could not be less bothered about modifying or maintaining their own cars.

I’m not saying that forums are exclusive areas only for people that pick up a spanner, but I guess there’s really not as much to talk about if you don’t! The FB/Insta formats probably more suited for that “look at this drive I went on” type content. Some will even tag the @exigesdotcom IG without even knowing what it is, they’ve just seen me doing it :laughing:

That said, the V6 modifying community does seem to be coming alive a bit recently so perhaps this can turn around a bit.

Its a bit of a sensative subject going on and trying to poach traffic. I wouldnt be so bold as to goto NYLOC or SELOC and say POST IN EXIGES.COM please. I have diplomatically messaged a few people ( Hello @Lankan ) to ask if they are ok copy and pasting. I think I messaged GFWilliams as well. I understand that E1EXG is here and active with a S3.

I guess the more s3 posters that post , the more will come and post as well? Snowball effect?

I’ve never really been into modifying, but don’t mistake that for lack of genuine enthusiast passion (many of us own several GTs and supercars in addition to Lotus).

I know V6 owners who are serial Lotus owners and very experienced drivers.

You don’t buy an Exige of any type by accident. Connecting with other specialist forums could work well. For example, Sports Maserati has a community who also own Lotus, 911 UK has a community of Lotus owners… etc.

Just offering a perspective in good faith.

Agree entirely.

Your insight is appreciated. I will always strive to further exiges.com

Yes i am here :thumbup: :thumbup: Also i am doing some modifications to my S3 :smiley:
I am more than happy to put posts up about my travels,Exploits & Mods with my S3 if that is what people want.
Thanks Paul

Yep, make it so :thumbup:

Yes please Paul.

Great, love to hear more from you and other S3 owners.