S2SC data logger download

Is there any way of plugging into the onboard data logging system on an S2SC? It seems a shame you can�t access this via a laptop, or maybe you can!?

Yes. Have a look at www.obdkey.com for their OBDKey device. I bought one about six weeks ago and the data is viewed on a choice of devices - eg. laptop, mobile phone, Blackberry etc.

The software is still under development and isn’t perfect yet but they’re getting there.

Thank for that. Looks very interesting. Have you been able to view the information like 0-60 times and how many hours the car has been running etc?

I haven’t tried the 0-60 performance option yet as the .csv file to Excel isn’t quite right yet and needs further development.
Most of the sensors’ outputs are displayed in real time and it is possible to capture a snapshot of a particular instant showing the instantaneous reading of the sensors.
I’ll try a performance log 0-60 in the next few days and let you know how it goes.

0-60 is a pointless figure as you have to drop the clutch at 6000 Rpm to get the best time.

I couldn’t agree more. I have no intention of abusing the machine, merely taking some rough figures for interest.

Well, just been out to try the performance logging and it doesn’t work yet…The OBDKEY device is seeing the sensor data but as yet isn’t interpreting/displaying it correctly on Excel. Readings from individual sensors are displayed correctly, as far as I can ascertain, so you can see in real time speed, ign advance, rpm, throttle position, ambient temp & press, air mass flow, etc.

I have an ongoing and so far friendly dialogue with the s/w developers who are now aware of the shortcomings and claim to be working on fix. Watch this space…

try pcmscan from palmer performance, it works with the lotus obd2, which is compliant, but picky.