S2000 engine in elise/exige

http://www.prototyperacing.com/ I have not yet gotten e-mail response, but will post when I have more info.Would this be a tail-spinning handful? I wonder how heavy the S2000 lump is.

OK, my questions were:> - Where are you located?> - Do you do installs on site?> - How heavy is the S2000 engine compared to the standard K-series?> - Have you\Will you track test your conversions?> - What is your previous experience with elises?> - Can you source engines? How much would an S2000 engine be?> - When do you expect to have the first S2000 conversion finished?The main points of his reply were:Yes, I will be doing conversions at my shop, as well as shipping conversionkits worldwide.The B18C, K20A (RSX), and F20C (S-2000) all weigh right around 420 poundswith trans. which is a bit more than the Rover, but during the extensivetrack testing I’m going to do,we’ll get the chassis well tuned for theadditional weight and HP. Once I’ve got my Exige here, I’ll do a cornerweight comparison, and post the figures on my website. I’m also planning onsome serious weight reduction products as an integral part of the project…The F20C engine(s are) usually right around $5,500 to $6,000. As to the timetable for the F20C conversion, it’ll be about 6 months beforeit’s done…He indicated pretty extensive experience in performing the development and design of the OTHER well-known kit currently on the market.Sounds like his B-series skills are pretty far along, but I caught him in the infancy stages of the F20C project.This is my dream conversion, so I’ll keep you all well posted. I am set on doing this.

hmmmmmm the torque figure of the engine is about the same as a well tuned K-Series, along with the power output on some of the Caterhams, however i doubt if these Honda figures could be reached in an Elise/Exige due to the nature and bends of the exhaust system which will reduce them. The same spec K engines in Caterhams make more power and torque than they would in a Elise due to the straight exhaust system!! Not a conversion i would consider but still interested in the results, true results that is, not just claiming Honda Engine figures !!!

The B-series conversions are built to handle factory headers, but obviously it would not be the same with the S2000 engine. The company does have extensive experience in designing header\exhaust systems, and I can’t imagine too much power loss. In addition, Toda and others have tweaks available and in the works to bump the power another 20-30 bhp on pump gas. S2000’s generally put 195-200hp to the wheels. Compare that to Exige wheel horsepower figures in the 145-155 range. If you’ve ever driven a Type R you can appreciate how much fatter the torque curve is compared to our K-series. VTEC does deliver the goods, and the stated power is actual power. Honda doesn’t toy … like Lotus seems to do … If you can’t tell I’m a honda fan … The S2000 engine is simply the best small displacement production engine on the planet … bar none … match that to the best small engine chassis on the planet …The owner seemed like a generally nice and helpful guy. I’m hoping to visit the shop while in California during my Pebble Beach Trip. The process won’t even begin for several months, but I’m thrilled at the prospects.

Be careful with how much additional power you think you can get out of the F20C without some MAJOR investment.I own a S2000 as well and am very active in the “S2000 Community”. The engine is very much at its high-end without major surgury or forced induction.FYIDo you go to Pebble during the concours weekend? I go every year.[This message has been edited by meat (edited 15 May 2002).]

check this site for more info on S2000 tuning… these guys sure seem to be able to extract quite a bit more power from the F20C…

oh yeah.and here’s the site: http://www.autospeed.com/A_0911/page1.html

And by the way: i’m the guy that bought the Exige for Prototype Racing. Just so you all realise that Prototype Racing is serious about pulling this off… If all goes according to plan, my Elise will be fitted with the same conversion by the end of this year. You are then all invited to come and taste VTEC power in a Lotus chassis!

Don’t believe everything you read.I’m very close with numerous Honda tuners, including the only North American Mugen distributor, King Motorsports. A S2000 with Mugen (arguably the best Honda go-fast parts) air intake, header, exhaust and ECU will only manage about 15 extra ponies. What it does add is mid-range hp and torque. A car equipped like this is much quicker than a standard S2000. Please note the above parts cost about $6000 - not cheap.Also, has Co-Founder of the S2000 Club of America I have seen just about every aftermarket part made for the car. There isn’t anything that really makes large horsepower increases.The car actually really only needs more mid-range power. The power at the peak is quite good already.The only way to make significant horsepower gains to the S2000 is to do internal engine work or forced induction. [This message has been edited by meat (edited 15 May 2002).]

Please correct me if I’m wrong … but are those not anemic power to wheel figures quoted in the article? … I based my previous numbers on posts from S2ki.comI know bumping power in the F20C isn’t easy, but I was figuring cams + pistons etc. as provided by Toda. There was a recent post claiming 17 hp gains with cams alone and no tweaking … and I gathered that the aim was quite a bit more when pistons etc are worked in. If B-series can be tweaked to put 220+ to the wheels N/A then I don’t see how a S2000 with far superior geometry couldn’t manage at least that.

BTW … this is a pretty dedicated track car I’m hoping to build. At present 90% of my miles are on the track … The other option I was considering was to buy a complete Toda B-Series and just do the B-series conversion … top spec Toda B-series put out 210-220 to the wheels… I just can’t imagine how more power couldn’t be extracted from the F20C

Any news on the F20C conversion?

Probably won’t be anything more to report until end of summer

Just did a little research on F20C tuning and found this supercharger: http://solar.innercite.com/comptech/page21.html 340 horsepower!!! Imagine that in a Elise/Exige… Please hurry prototyperacing [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image][This message has been edited by Jeppe (edited 11 June 2002).]

The Comptech supercharger is very good at producing peak hp. It is a Paxton unit so it spools up with the engine. Their is little gain below 6000 rpm (where improvement is needed) and the main power of the unit is between 7-8K rpm.Depending on how they mount the F20C into the Elise will also determine if it is even possible (without new mounting brackets and belts) to mount the blower since it is belt driven and mounts on the front of the motor as it sits in the S2000.