S2 woes !!

Anyone heard this one before, worked for me. On my way home the other day the MIL indicator lit (solid) on the dash. Rang the dealer up and he recons it’s an oxygen senser that sometimes ties itself in knots and if I stopped and started the engine 6 times it would reset itself (tried it and it did). Also said that if it persists then book it in for attention. This applies as long as the MIL indicator is NOT flashing, this denotes something much more serious and to contact dealer straight away. Dealer said the start stop 6 times was in the manual but I could not see it when I checked. seems ok now (touching wood).

This happened to me 72 miles after I picked mine up! Bascially they had to fit a new exhaust during the 1000 miles service as the mounting pracket had a crack in it. Result of new exhuast and fully run in engine just upset it a bit. I took it back to my dealer who kept the car and let thier engineers reset it all. Its worked fine ever since.


Glad it was easily solved - I was as dismayed as you when you called in the other day, just after the bloody light came on.

Oh the joys…

Yes, my friend had this happen to his vx, was told the same ‘six times’ fix, worked fine.